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A lifetime fitness enthusiast, athlete and marathoner…

A lifetime fitness enthusiast, athlete and marathoner, Dawn studied and pursued exercise and nutrition. Coming from an assorted past of smoking, disordered eating and unhealthy habits, she knows where you’re at.  After years of struggling with weight and depression, Dawn found her joy through running. She went on to excel in the sport, winning her division in almost every race. Established in the community for 30+ years, Dawn faced yet another challenge that changed her life in a nanosecond.

Struck head-on by a truck while running, Dawn found herself in a hospital bed, unable to move, being told she’d never walk normally, yet alone ever run again.

“It seemed surreal. The pain was unimaginable and the arduous task before me was something I had yet to realize.  All I could think of was how running saved my life so many years prior. It grounded me and at the same time, it opened me up to fitness, peace and happiness I’ve never known before. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the words being spoken: ‘you’ll never run again.’ I negated the idea and started my long journey back.” – Dawn

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There’s a better way to feel and live…

Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from attaining the life you want! Too often we accept stress, lethargy, and pain as “the way it is.” People slip into complacent mindsets simply because they don’t know there’s a better way to feel and live! It’s the things we don’t know, that we don’t know that hold us back!! After all, we can change the things we know we don’t know, like how it feels to be fit, energetic, happy, inspired and living our BEST Life. Dawn explains:

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What We Can Do For You

We design a personalized plan specific to YOU, based on your health, age, desires, habits, interests and goals, YOU WILL ATTAIN YOUR BEST LIFE, because we make it livable. And it’ll be exciting and fun! When’s the last time anyone took interest and time to listen to your desires, learn your time constraints, and discuss the POSSIBILITIES?

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You’re never too old and it’s never too late to attain your best life! The gift of life is that everyday we awaken to the opportunity to start anew. Let us guide you in making each challenge a success.  You probably haven’t given it much thought, but people put more time and effort into maintaining their cars than they do their health!  Make the commitment to YOURSELF today. 

When you’re living a healthy lifestyle, you lower blood pressure, decrease LDL (bad cholesterol), while increasing HDL (good cholesterol) and reduce your risk of developing type II diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other life threatening ailments associated with obesity. You’ll have better sleep, more energy and feel incredible. It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness level right now; you will Attain Your Best Life!

Our program is an all-in-one training method that focuses on getting you fit, ‘heart healthy’ and strong.  No matter what city or town you’re in, you don’t need to find a gym or rush to a scheduled appointment! You have total access to your plan anywhere, anytime, on any device you choose. Sign Up Now and Get Started on Looking and Feeling You BEST!


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Your Goals

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NOW’S The Time To Attain Your Best Life! 

Life’s a delicate balance of physical, emotional and spiritual connections all woven together. To achieve your best life, you must start with a healthy body and clear mind. 

‘When I finally made the commitment to take responsibility of MY OWN LIFE, I attained my best life. After all, no one can do it for you. Rediscover your JOY! I make a commitment to get you there!’  – Dawn

The most effective path to fitness is to make it enjoyable. Get empowered and be TRANSFORMED in a fun & exciting way without grueling hours at the gym or deprivation diets. ACHIEVE the fit, energetic and enthusiastic life that’s waiting for you. There’s no promises of lofty goals you can’t achieve! STOP struggling with lack of energy, poor sleep, bad moods, that tummy bulge and extra weight. We take you from where you’re at now and work forward to support you in reaching your personal health and wellness goals.

When’s the last time anyone took the interest and time to listen to your desires, learn your time constraints, and discuss the POSSIBILITIES? We know that in order to attain your best life, your  health history, age, current fitness, physical limitations, exercise, eating habits and goals need to take into consideration. We design a personal and unique training program specific to YOU achieving your goals!  It doesn’t matter where you’re at your fitness level right now; you will Attain Your Best Life!


A healthy lifestyle not only gives you a fit body; better sleep; vitality and stamina, but it strengthens your heart, builds muscle and improves your outlook on life!  You’ll find yourself developing a sense for adventure and playfulness, and balancing everyday stress in ways that actuate inner peace.  No matter which city or town you’re in, you don’t need to find a gym or rush to scheduled appointment! And you have total access to your plan anywhere, anytime and on any device you choose. It’s never too late to Attain Your Best Life.  Sign Up Now and Get Started on Looking and Feeling You BEST!