Running on Wheels

0518131107A Review of the ElliptiGO. 

Is it a Bicycle…Cross-Trainer…Elliptic Machine or Rehabilitative Alternative?
It is ALL of These and MORE!

Injured warrior, over strained runner, predominately a swimmer/cyclist triathlete, I have a new, innovative product that allows you to BREAK THROUGH your plateau!

Let’s face it, we all hit plateaus in our training. We get close to breaking through our limits, but time, fatigue, injury, and frustration stops us in our tracks. For those of you who have had to retire your running shoes due to injuries, aging or wear and tear on your joints, I have some good news for you.

I guess you can say I’m luck to have started running at age 27, because I have less wear and tear on my muscles and joints than those athletes who did track or cross country in high school and college. Still, after 33 years of running and a horrendous accident that altered my bones, gait and form, I welcome the break the ElliptiGo offers.

I’m not one to take days off from running, but if I do, I want an activity as close to running as possible. After all, if you want to be a better runner – you run! Cross fit, cycling, yoga and the like may balance your muscles and spirit, but to get faster and better at running, the best practice is …running.

Keeping that in mind, ElliptiGo keeps you running without impact! I’ve tried every contraption, machine and program out there and I tell you ElliptiGo is running. Nothing else gets my heart rate going, my legs pumping and my emotions soaring!

I am so pleased with the performance and ease of the ElliptiGo cycle. It’s the closest I have ever come to running than running itself. The ability to stand in a comfortable position simulates the exact form of running, but without the stress on the joints. I found I had such a good a good workout that I even felt winded!

The body posture on the ElliptiGo works the core muscles much more than running and I find that it targets the same, yet different muscles used in running. This allows for great cross-training. I find it beneficial to get a distance run in without the stress on my joints. I know it’s working, because I not only feel my muscles react, but I also feel other muscles engage that aren’t used as much in regular running.

Clarification: I’m referring to the original ElliptiGo strider, not the new ElliptiGo arc. While the arc is a great workout and more affordable, it’s more like cycling. You don’t get the long stride as in running. Instead, you get more of a circular motion as in cycling. I suggest spending the extra $$ and get the original ElliptiGo.

The ElliptiGo. Yes. I too was a skeptic, but I questioned, investigated, tested and wound up loving it so much that I purchased one myself! Here’s who can benefit from the ElliptiGo:

  • My triathletic friends whose forte might be swimming and cycling, but not running.
  • The runner who is stuck in a rut or is over trained.
  • The injured athlete who needs to train in a different way, that keeps you active without adding stress to your joints or exacerbate you injury.
  • The athlete who does want to cross train!

For those of you wondering what makes me an expert, please refer to my athletic history and the Tragedy that was my Gift.

The only regret I have is that that the ElliptiGo wasn’t available during recovery from my accident.

During recovery I had an elliptical and a treadmill in my home. They were helpful, but having been confined to the house for so long, I longed to be outside. This product brings back the joy of being outdoors! Remember You Certainly Can Run;