2107’s New Slang ~ TRUMP YOU!

In the past eight years, Americans have endured some hard economic times. I have friends whose job was out-sourced and others who, at time they should be looking forward to retirement, were let go due to downsizing! The United States’ social system fortunately provides for those struggling, as well those who suddenly had the rug pulled out from under them. People work hard all their lives to make a decent living so they can raise their children in a healthy environment, enjoy family vacations, and live a modest lifestyle that doesn’t put them in debt. Recently however, it is much more difficult to bring home a substantial paycheck, even if you are willing to work extra hard and long to do so.

Even double-income households are struggling to make ends meet. And for every hard-working person with a strong work ethic, there are just as many ‘working the system;’ taking handouts while claiming disability and making money on the side! I say TRUMP THEM! Being in healthcare, I see this repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with the unfortunate who have fell on bad luck and need temporary support to pull them through a financial crisis. Those hard-working people actually WANT to work, because they take pride in who they are. Most don’t feel very good about having to rely on the system, no matter how short-termed it is.

Then there are those, collecting a paycheck from the government, that we working people are paying for. They not only pump it as long as they can, some have been collecting for years based on a physical ailment. Yet they aren’t hurting that badly to be able to do side jobs off the books. I personally know people who have been doing this for years and spends their day sitting at the bar. Another woman collecting from an accident decades old, collects because she can’t work, yet she’s okay to workout at the gym for which she gets membership for free! I can go on and on as I know you can. I say TRUMP THEM! The entire government system has encouraged dependency and complacency. It is my hope that Donald Trump makes good on his word to ’empty the swamp’ and bring Americans back to our roots of pride, work ethic and helping one another, not using the working population to skate!!

Those who are familiar with my accident, know I could very easily had worked the system. In fact, my lawyer chastised me for going back to work too soon! Was I in tremendous pain? Did I have severe limitations? Yes! But I was brought up by a hard-working immigrant who taught me the value of fairness. To those who choose to skate on our dime, I say TRUMP YOU! It’s only a matter of time.