Heal Trauma by Being Where You’re At!

qtq80-VHtpwKIn my first article regarding TRAUMA, I expressed how Trauma takes the ordinary and exaggerates it to parallelization. No matter what age, activity level, or injury, the effect is as unique as the person experiencing it. Athletes in particular, have a magnified reaction to any trauma that takes them away from the activity they love. As much as a person cherishes being a dad, mom, lover – and identifies with the profession they hold, it is the runner, cyclist, triathlete they identify with most for it is the very core of ‘who they are.’

It is their solitude as much as their camaraderie; their challenge and their relaxation, and their peace-of-mind and relief.
The first step for an injured athlete is to Being Where You Are AT NOW. This is not easy as athletes like to look back and see progress from their last race. They enjoy the challenge to try and break their PR.

But being where you are now is the only way you will get from injury to STRENGTH , and it is that inner strength which reveals recovery is NOT enough!

So let’s examine just how you do that.

The Most Effective Method to Strength in Recovery is to Be Where You’re At.

An accident or tragedy can shut you down or it can open you up. It is your decision. To sink into anger or self-pity is to crush your spirits. You may not have control over what is happening to parts of your body right now, but you do have control over how you see things. It is a paradigm shift. What appears on the surface as a tragedy can be a life-changing miracle if you embrace it. No, it isn’t easy to let go of the anger, disappointment, resentment and sadness, but what good will it to to exacerbate it by adding more anger, resentment and sadness? You can CHOOSE tenderness, patience and self-caring.

When you spend too much time in regret, rehashing an injury or worrying about recovery, you set your healing on hold. F.I.T.S Training teaches you how to go From Injury To Strength, because recovery is not enough.

What Are Some Ways to Be Where You’re At Now?

  • Let’s start with acceptance. It may not seem easy, but it is simple.
  • Guess what? You are not the same person you were before the injury. Accept it!
  • You have no choice but to. That doesn’t equate to less than the athlete you were, only different.
  • By accepting my accident, I created an opportunity to not only strengthen my body, but add to my resolve, courage, and determination. Acceptance is not giving in to defeat. Rather, it is a great motivator.

And what does acceptance do for you? It gives you space and time to create an ‘all-new, stronger person.’

Any adversity…struggle…pain…injury or disappointment is an invitation to learn. Why do people label such things as negative or bad? They are neither – it is all in the way we react. to it:)

Let’s start with the body:

You can use this opportunity to strengthen the parts of your body needed to support your injury.

  • There is an increased demand on other muscles, joints and ligaments to compensate for the injured parts.
  • The use of opposing muscles, etc. is vital to support your weaker muscles, etc. associated with the injury.
  • By knowing and strengthening these, it will make recovery faster, easier and balanced, and will be add to your strength and agility when you return to your activity or venture into new ones.

Dawn Ciccone ~ In Between Athlete, LLC. Taking the athlete from Injury to STRENGTH, because recovery is NOT enough!

Now I’d like to hear from you! . What are some of the methods you used to help accept your injury? How did you manage acceptance n recovery and what were the benefits and downfalls of your acceptance?