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I was asked to do a casual interview with  Albert Mora, B2action Cofounder, as part of a series interviewing 100 fitness experts around the world. He asked some great questions that I’d like with you. I think my informative responses may lend some insight and offer solutions to common exercise, nutrition and training questions.

In a few sentences, Dawn, tell our readers a little about yourself.

I am an accomplished athlete who built her reputation on 35 years of running and winning numerous awards for my athletic performance in hundreds of races and marathons, but my greatest achievement was coming back from a tragedy that left me in a wheelchair.  Struck head-on by a truck while running, I was told I’d never walk normally, yet alone ever run again, but I defied the odds and came back running stronger; more vibrant and competing in marathons again.

I offer my expertise as a nutritional health and fitness coach, and my passion for the sport of running to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy, run their first 5k or train for a marathon. I’ve been where you’re at, past smoker, unhealthy eating, disordered eating and limiting beliefs! Don’t let anyone say ‘You CAN’T’ because I know YOU Certainly Can Run!  Even a marathon starts with one step…together we’ll get there!

How can someone get motivated to start a healthy/active lifestyle?

  • The first thing I tell my clients is to make exercise FUN! Find something you love. It doesn’t have to be running, it can be walking, cycling, dancing, basketball, hoola hoop ~ just move!
  • Next, diet DON’T work! Healthy eating is NOT deprivation, lists of ‘forbidden foods’ or white-knuckling through cravings. It is a lifestyle change that takes your unique biochemistry, age, medical history and current lifestyle into consideration and teaches you how to choose foods that assists YOU in getting to optimum health.

What are your best tips to get a flat stomach?

  • You can do all the crunches and ab workouts you want. They help, but the only path to a flat stomach is eating habits and the food you choose. I will assist you in not only getting a flat stomach, but also in feeling energized with better moods, better sleep and feeling incredible!

Do I need to take supplements? Why?

  • I am not a big advocate of supplements unless you are lacking an essential nutrient such as Vitamin D3, iron or suffer from specific conditions such as diabetes, menopause, anemia and such. I’d rather help you choose healthy foods that  balance your diet.

Do you think it’s easier for guys to lose weight than it is for women? Why?Whey_Protein_And_Weight_Loss

  • There are some genetic factors that make it harder for women to lose weight such as hormone levels, disordered eating, menopause, and premenstrual symptoms, but with the proper guidance, weight loss can be achieved.

What is the most underrated concept in fitness?

  • That fitness can be enjoyable! If you do what you love and nourish your body with foods that maintain peak performance, then the results are better sleep, increased energy, vitality, elevated moods and an zest for life! This is a domino effect as it will lead to a happier outlook, which leads to stronger relationships, more activity and so on.

How do you make exercise a more enjoyable activity?

  • The best way to start an exercise regimen, AND STICK TO IT is to MAKE IT FUN! Aerobic activity is vital for a healthy heart and it keeps you fit by reeving up your metabolism. They key to making exercise a part of your lifestyle is to make it fun! After all, who wants to do something they don’t enjoy? We need to blend fitness into our life rather than try to blend our life into fitness!

How much is too much training?

  • If you overdo anything, you’ll set yourself up for failure. I suggest working out 3 to 4 times weekly for at least 40 minutes. Gradually increase, but always take a rest day.

Please, give us your best pre-workout tips.

  • It is always best to limber your joints and warn your muscles by stretching. It doesn’t have to be long; just a static stretch that doesn’t include bouncing.
  • I love a cup of coffee as a pre-workout. If you’re going to working out hard or long, a good pre-workout meal is either a banana, plain oatmeal, or a whey or plant-based protein smoothie.

What’s a good exercise & diet routine?

  • I’m a runner. I love running, because it’s inexpensive and portable. I can do it anytime; anywhere. If you are new to exercise or running, I suggest you start with brisk walking and build up to a mix of walking/running until you’re doing more running than walking. But always get the proper shoes!!
  • For diet, add more water and leafy green vegetables to your current diet. You will soon crowd out the bad stuff.

What newbie mistakes did you make when you first started training?

  • I think people get over enthusiastic and try to do it all at once. When you overdo an exercise, you get sore and that may deter you from trying it again. When you go all-out on some newfangled diet, you get so discouraged that you set yourself up for failure.

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Albert Mora is the Cofounder of B2action. He will be publishing this and 100 other interviews in his blog and Amazon ebook.